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Planning Caribbean 2030 – New Thinking

In June, I was very honoured to be invited as a speaker at a conference organised by Wilton Park to analyse and discuss economic development in the Caribbean and to bring fresh young minds to the table to present ideas and new ways of thinking.

I wasn’t one of those young minds, by the way, just a representative of the tourism sector, asked to share my thoughts on ensuring that the region continues to diversify and broaden its tourism economy. Other speakers addressed much wider issues on climate change, energy, fiscal responsibility, connectivity, education, entrepreneurialism, crime, security and regional cooperation.

Whilst the problems of the world were not solved, some very real conclusions were reached and a document produced for dissemination to governments, government agencies, business influencers, owners and entrepreneurs and, most importantly, to the youthful contingent in attendance who, it is hoped, are best placed to influence change.

See here for the final document – an interesting read for those involved in Caribbean issues and who care about the future of the region.

Wiston House, home of Wilton Park and host venue for the conference

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