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Food for Thought – Food for Marketing

We really have homed in now on the power of food as a marketing tool for our destination clients!

Well – I suppose it’s obvious really – what is one of the great pleasures of travelling abroad? Surely it’s eating out, trying new foods, seeking out recommendations on the best local restaurants, discovering culinary mastery in the most unlikely local bar, revelling in the flavours of the locally grown organic produce and marvelling at the bargain price of the fresh catch of the day. These are the lasting memories we take home. Occasionally we attempt to bring samples of the food or drink back home with us, but generally it’s never quite the same!

So associating destination marketing with foodie experiences does seem like a very natural connection, and it proved itself to be just so when we took our infamous Tobagolator, a team of T&T chefs and rum mixologists and two talented steel pan players to the Foodies Festival at Alexandra Palace.

Foodies Festival at Alexandra Palace

We were highly praised for our interactive experience, and visitors flocked to see us after the head chef and chief mixologist ran a tasting in the presentation theatre. We all talked throughout the three day event about life and experiences in Trinidad & Tobago, and Priti and I kept busy collecting names from those keen to win a holiday to the destination. We spent some intensive periods with prospective visitors keen to get their holiday booked. Fingers crossed our partners on this occasion, Tropical Sky, will be converting that interest into business.

Next up – the same festival but in Oxford this time. A fantastic catchment area and just the demographic we should be aiming for!

The T&T Team at Foodies Festival

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