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The positive effects of tourism

Sometimes you get those little reminders that what we do does have a positive effect on lots of people – not just the holidaymakers or the profit margins of commercial partners – but the real people whose countries we love to visit.

With the news that the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Education Foundation has awarded record levels of scholarships this year, it does make it all feel worthwhile. 36 Caribbean nationals will be benefitting from US$141,800 in the coming academic year, with courses ranging from Hospitality Management to various culinary courses and other types of tourism industry management. Funds are raised via corporate donors and lively fundraising events that absorb huge amounts of time for the volunteers and members of the board of trustees (of which I am one).

But how motivational it is to feel that involved in the career development of individuals from across the region, and in securing the skills pool for the ongoing growth of the tourism sector in the islands.

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