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Anilana Nilaveli's trees

David just got back from Sri Lanka, having visited two of our newest client properties – Anilana Pasikuda and Anilana Nilaveli. They’re both located in up and coming resort areas on the Indian Ocean island’s east coast and are just beginning to penetrate the international tourism markets.

At Anilana Nilaveli, David was perplexed to find that they were allowing a row of trees to block the incredible view of the sea that guests would enjoy from the lobby were the trees not there.

Commenting that they could get some really stunning photography for their marketing materials if they opened up a gap in the trees, David suggested that they should be protected and could be relocated further along the beach to create much needed shade for the guests.

But staff at the hotel were not at all sure – these trees were some of very few that survived the onslaught of the 2004 Tsunami – it would be a crying shame to move them now! Yes – but think of the commercial value those stunning pictures would add! - Hmmm – not sure.

What do you think?

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