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AMG’s destination clients range from national and provincial tourist boards to private sector-run promotion bureau.

Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board


The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board is a member organisation, consisting of all the major hotels and resorts that make up the main tourism island within The Bahamas.  Having represented the destination throughout Europe for more than 30 years AMG’s activity includes negotiating joint promotions with tour operators, educating and motivating travel agents to recommend the destination, exploring and supporting new airlift, and coordinating and collaborating with the European offices of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.  More information.



Nadine Rankin - email

Marketing Director

Sangita Makwana - email






Reporting to the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd, AMG has the privilege of marketing this tiny island in the southern Caribbean. Untouched, Unspoilt, Undiscovered says the strapline - and never a truer word was spoken.  Boasting outstanding bird-watching, a prolific turtle population, pristine rainforest and untouched beaches – Tobago takes the visitor beyond the ordinary. AMG works primarily with the trade to raise awareness and educate sales staff, whilst targeting the consumer through creative joint promotions, direct marketing and events.  More information

Account Manager

Stephen Smith - email

Marketing Director

Sangita Makwana - email





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